The 3 Most Popular Mexican Culinary Restaurants in the World

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Besides known for its uniqueness of cultural uniqueness, Mexico also has a delicious and tempting food. Some of them have been popular in various parts of the world.

Instead of curious, let’s see the three most popular Mexican cuisine, as summarized Okezone from various sources, Tuesday (11/4/2017).


Tacos (plural) or taco is Mexico’s most popular typical food in the world today. The dish consists of tortilla bread and a variety of tasty dishes including beef, pork, or chicken, vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. As a complement, tacos are often served with salsa or gucamole sauce.

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At first glance, this dish is almost similar to a typical Turkish kebab. The only difference is that Mexican-style burritos contain only peanut butter and paste, then wrapped in rolled tortillas. While in America, peanut paste, vegetables, salsa, guacamole, and many more. So do not be surprised if the American burrito size is larger.


Lastly there are Nachos. The processing technique is similar to that of tacos, using corn tortillas but in the form of chips. As a complement, usually added some other ingredients such as meat, beans, vegetables, cheese sauce, then sprinkled with chilli pepper or pepper.

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